1st Day in London – 15/09/2015

Pro Tip: If you are flying from Hawaii to London I highly recommend you find a nice direct flight if you can. I have flown from LAX straight to LHR before, which is a long flight but less stress. For this trip I wanted to fly with the group that was departing from JFK together. So, my flight plan ended up being:

Kona -> Honolulu -> overnight to LA -> JFK -> overnight to LHR            somewhere around 24 hours of traveling.

I am now in London 11 hours behind and ready to party! (and by party I always mean sleep).

The plan for this first afternoon/evening was to get settled and meet at 445 for dinner. I, however, apparently had different plans because despite setting alarms I woke up at 715. Fortunately there was another group after us who had left at 615 so I figured they were still there and I found the restaurant a few blocks from the hotel. I sort of stumbled in to find a huge group of students along with five of the coordinators. I’m guessing I looked frazzled because a waiter asked me if I was okay rather than asking if I needed a table. I met all the coordinators and they let me sit with them (the big kid table) while I ate my dinner. I met a woman who got her master’s degree at Royal Holloway University and a man who went to Egypt through this study abroad program (I’m sure I’ll get to talk to them more throughout the week). Now that I’m somewhat rested and still 11 hours behind I’m going to head out with some women from my school for a fun Tuesday night on the town.


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