Back Story

To truly start at the beginning would be to go back to high school when I decided that my top priority in college was going to be to study abroad, regardless of where, when, how, and what. Fast forward a bit to when I spoke with my microbiology advisor who explained that the best time I could study abroad would be fall term of my junior year or a summer. I worked on finishing up all my 3 term series courses including physics and organic chemistry so that I could be gone for a term without too much impact on my degree track. Initially, I thought I would look into a summer in Germany to not miss a term but the majority of programs offered were language programs. After deciding I wouldn’t go for a language course I figured going to England or somewhere in the UK would be my best, most interesting, option. I found a program at Royal Holloway University offered through IFSA-Butler that is accepted by OSU and went from there.


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