Moving In

The eleven of us American women studying at Royal Holloway moved into our flats this weekend. We are split between two halls and within that we are split up among flats. Whoever did our room assignments tried to split us so that we would be in an eight person flat with other English and international students rather than more Americans.

I’m happy with my room assignment for many reasons. First, the flat I’m in is across the hall from one of the American girls I get along with best (she’s similarly sarcastic, snarky, and grumpy). Second, the people in my flat are, so far, pretty nice and relatable people. Most students take gap years here so not everyone is 18. I think at least three of us are 20 and a few are younger. Together we represent parts of England, Wales, America, China, Korean, and Australia. Third, and perhaps most important, my room is right next to the kitchen.


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