Induction Week Orchestra

12032555_10206620781752718_839642054_nRoyal Holloway music building

During my first few days here I wandered around campus looking for important buildings and getting used to the area. Everyone can probably guess that the very first place I set out to find was the music department. Per the usual trend, the music department is way off to the side and across the main road from the campus. It is an old building with small corridors and spiral staircases and the rehearsal hall is in a newer annex built in the back.


The building with all the practice rooms (they’re all huge)

The music program here hosts an “Induction Week” orchestra and choir. Induction week is the week when everyone goes to meet with their academic departments and finalize their class schedules. Most people only have one or two meetings and a lot of free time. The music department makes use of this free time and hosts rehearsals all week on select pieces with both an orchestra and a choir. Since there will always be an excess of flute players in the world they had it planned out that flutes would double parts and rotate on the pieces. I am playing on Manuel de Falla’s “Nights in the Gardens of Spain,” and Emmanuel Chabrier’s “España Rhapsody for Orchestra.” During the first rehearsal, I was too antsy to wait for my piece so I asked if I could just read one of the parts on the other pieces. They said I could do that as much as I want as long as I know my pieces for the concert on Sunday. I’ll probably behave for the remaining rehearsals, I just couldn’t wait any longer on that first day.

Here is the view walking back to campus from the music building:



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