Windsor Great Park and Free Laundry

In the United States, we pay so much for school that we get very excited about the “free” things, including laundry. Here, since fees are so low, the laundry service is one of the things that students must pay extra for. £2.50 a load is not bad but it’s just something I’d rather not pay for if I don’t have to.


I mentioned the laundry thing to a friend who is living in a house off campus. We had been meaning to exercise anyway so she suggested we make a plan around my laundry. So, today I walked over to Englefield Green, which is just the town right next to Egham. She showed me around her house and let me do my laundry and then we went for a run in Windsor Great Park. This is the park that, if you were to walk through the entire thing, gets you to Windsor, where the Queen spends most of her time. As much as I generally dislike running it was a pleasant outing because the weather was nice and the scenery was beautiful.

Windsor Great Park
Windsor Great Park
The lake

After our run, we rewarded ourselves with pasta for lunch, probably counteracting the run entirely, but oh well. Then an old friend of hers came over and we spent time visiting and telling stories. They are going off to actually visit Windsor, which I will have to do eventually, but they dropped me back off at my hall because, as usual, I have an orchestra rehearsal this afternoon.


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