The Pineapple Incident

Just in case anyone knows the How I Met your Mother episode: don’t worry, that is not what happened to me.

I’m just borrowing their title to describe an ongoing incident involving various peoples’ lack of knowledge regarding where and how pineapples grow. I remember this being one of those funny mainland U.S. stereotypes that everyone thinks pineapples grow on trees.

Maybe this counts as a tree but it’s definitely not what people picture

Apparently this lack of knowledge also plagues Europe and I have had an entertaining time explaining to everyone how pineapples grow.

A few days ago I was hanging out with my friend from Germany and talking about Hawaii, that’s when I broke the news to her. She froze, with her mouth open, and shouted “NO!” and then made me google a picture of pineapple plants to prove it to her. Then, when her English friend came over she made sure to tell her right away how pineapples grow.

It happened again last night after the orchestra concert when all the orchestra members were hanging out at one of the campus pubs. Thankfully we sat outside because when the topic of pineapples inevitably came up there were at least four people (including me) screaming and laughing about it. One boy jumped off of the bench, screamed, ran ten feet away, and sat down on the ground saying “NO IT CAN’T BE TRUE!” Even the other music kids who were there with us were giving our end of the table strange looks. The boy who ran away eventually came back and proceeded to shout at everyone else that pineapples grow on the ground.

The growth of pineapples has been and will probably continue to be the funniest and apparently the most life altering piece of information I can share with the world.


One thought on “The Pineapple Incident

  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time and sharing your agricultural knowledge, as well. Continue to enjoy! Your writing is beautiful and informative.
    Lots of love, granny


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