Chamber Orchestra


A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to be invited to play with the Chamber Orchestra at Royal Holloway. The group only rehearsed for a week before the concert and it was a collaborative event with the London Mozart Players. Each day there were a few professionals from the LMP who sat in with us and gave us tips on the music we were learning. Two of the pieces were Beethoven: Symphony no. 1 and the Coriolan overture. The piece I got to play was Mozart’s Symphony 31: “Paris Symphony”. At the rehearsals, I got some tips from one of the flutists from the LMP, and I got to ask her the one funny question I like to ask flute players: what she thought of Mozart grace-notes (there are just so many ways to interpret them, it kind of becomes a joke). It was a great concert! I got a few friends to come and they kindly took photos for me. I’m looking forward to the end of term orchestra concert!



2 thoughts on “Chamber Orchestra

  1. Congratulations on being invited to perform with the Chamber Orchestra, Grace. You are having such wonderful experiences this semester.


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