Fancy Weekend in London

Another adventure to London! This time it was an overnight affair. Meike dubbed it “Fancy night.” Five of us set out for London on Saturday morning an our first stop was the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park!

We were thankful for the sun but the clear skies meant it was extremely windy.

The park was laid out like Disneyland: it had multiple separated “lands” and fair rides here and there. The most common theme was mimicking the German christmas markets. Meike, our resident German, was more than a bit frightened by the similarity. She said the buildings and the layout looked exactly like they would in Germany.


Though, we were all pretty sure that in Germany they don’t have giant-animatronic-bird-holding men who tower over the crowds singing German tunes.

Another surprising feature of the holiday park was the amount of haunted houses. They decided to include some spooky in their celebrations. I was probably the only one of our group not bothered by this. Of course, I would also be remiss to leave out the giant animatronic skeleton playing the violin…


Doesn’t this just make you feel festive?

After we were completely wind blown and almost frozen, we went off to Harrods to see the fancy shop windows, look at their fancy cheese, and to use their fancy bathrooms. Two of us, including me, were unfortunately still sick, so we decided to head back to the hostel to rest up a bit before any nighttime shenanigans ensued.

Sadly, fancy night/weekend ended early for one us because she was worried about her coursework so she left in the evening. The rest of us, after 30 minutes of searching through London on a Saturday night, found an Italian place with a table for four. Dinner took quite a while to arrive but at least we got all that time to share hilarious stories! After dinner we took the tube to The Shard, which was Meike’s original idea for “Fancy Night.” Ever since that day I was dressed too much like a tourist to be let in to their fancy bar on the 32nd floor, Meike was hellbent on going up there with all of us to drink overpriced alcohol and enjoy the view. This time I was able look fancy enough to get past the bouncers. It’s a good thing they didn’t look down, though, because I still had Doc Martens on.


The picture is blurry and doesn’t do it justice but the view is incredible. We also made a point of using the fancy bathroom in this building, although this one turned out to be a bit frightening. There was very dim blue lighting and all the walls were mirrors except for the window above the sink. The woman in there before us told us that two of the mirrors were actually the stall doors and that she had been in there trying to figure that out for about 5 minutes, so she figured she’d pass on her knowledge to us to save us the trouble. To add to all that, the stall walls themselves were made up entirely of mirrors too.

This was the end of a dizzying 360 video I took to show how creepy the lighting was in the stall.

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.51.45 PM

After the spooky bathroom situation we had a relatively relaxing night back in our hostel.

In the morning we were in no hurry to get home, so we went out to a nearly-empty theater, which was expected considering the English are generally still asleep at 11am on a Sunday, and we watched the final installment of the Hunger Games together. Then, sadly, fancy weekend had come to an end and we caught a train home.


Here is our wonderful group at the Winter Wonderland on Saturday.


Bonus Picture!!




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