Snickerdoodles Go International

This weekend was the intensive orchestra rehearsal weekend for the Royal Holloway Symphony Orchestra. To break up all the music making we had a few social gatherings and activities. On the first night, we all went out to a pub after the rehearsal for a relaxing evening. On the second day, during the longer break there was a Bake Off, due to the popularity of “The Great British Bake Off.” We didn’t have the facilities for a live bake off so we all made our cakes and cookies at home and brought them to the rehearsal to be judged by everyone. I have already revealed what I made in the title: Yes, Granny’s (and now my) snickerdoodle recipe has gone international. None of the English students knew what they were but fortunately, the director is American and so is one of the oboe players, so they joined me in chanting the word “Snickerdoodle!” Besides the name, they aren’t very odd cookies and soon everyone was trying them. The most common reaction was a face that somewhat resembles this 😮 followed by this 😀

This was the spread, and Meike cutting her carrot cake.


Our director posted the results on Facebook. I won 3rd place! But that’s not what mattered, what mattered was that we all got to eat snickerdoodles.

Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 11.10.30 AM

After we were all somewhat disgustingly full of cake, we got back to rehearsals and ended the night with an 80s themed party at the campus pub.


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