My last big excursion before moving out of my flat was to Stratford-upon-Avon! I missed the original group excursion so my friend and I booked train tickets to go up on Friday. It was quite a journey on the train but I slept most of the way. The sun sets quite early this time of year but we were able to get there in the early afternoon so we had a few hours of daylight left. We made our way to the old town and looked around at some of the statues and old buildings that have been kept up.


These were some of the buildings and the Christmas decorations that they had up around the town.

I got a student price admission ticket and got to see the Shakespeare house, the Harvard house, the Hall house, and the Trinity church where Shakespeare is buried. I told the people in the Harvard house that I was American (I mean they could probably tell) and they told me the story of how the University was named after the Harvard that grew up in that home. Most people think he founded the school but he just left his inheritance to the local college when he died and it later became the University.

Shakespeare’s birthplace house

Most of the furniture in the homes were just replicas or more modern styles but certain things were original. This stained glass window is from 1400 and was found while someone was going through the basement of the Harvard house. The Hall house had the epitaphs of Susanna and John Hall and I thought the first line of Susanna’s was pretty funny.

Trinity Church
Cursed be he that moves my bones

We only made it to the statues after the sun had set, which made them a bit more creepy than they probably already were. Lady Macbeth was especially frightening.

The town itself was beautiful too (beyond all the history in the homes). The Trinity church stands right next to the river and it was quite picturesque!


After a long day of walking around we needed to go catch our train back. We had a bit of time left and it was cold so we found a pub to sit in that just happened to be from the 1470s.


Stratford-upon-Avon was definitely worth the trip because we got a beautiful day to explore and see all the historical sites around. After we got back, I spent the night chatting with my American friends before we all left in the morning (everyone else had left already).



Bonus Picture!!!

We should bring back the neck ruff style 



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