Subtitle: The Stonehenge that isn’t a tourist trap.

This weekend I moved out of my flat at Royal Holloway and bid farewell to my majestic Hogwarts-like study abroad campus.


I set out for Swindon with all my bags (I looked like quite the bag lady). Saturday evening was just a relaxing night in, since I was quite tired from traveling.

Unfortunately, Stonehenge has turned into quite a tourist trap costing £15-20 to get in and another £15 to take the private tour bus up to the site. So, as a perfectly good substitute, we went out to Avebury to see the stone circles and giant man-made hill.

Unfortunately, one of the big sites to see was closed for renovations but we got to go on a nice walk around the area. We were trying not to be touristy, so we didn’t pay to go in to the museum but we went around to see the outside of it (The Christmas tree photo).


My time in Swindon is mostly a relaxing vacation but I’m going over to Cardiff tomorrow to visit one of my flatmates from RoHo!


Bonus Picture!!!

My new best friend: Hamish the cat ❤




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