Last Weekend in London

I finally finished all my final papers and turned them in last Thursday, after a few fights with the printer. In the afternoon I was able to go to meet Meike before her Mumford & Sons concert. We didn’t have much time in the city but we enjoyed our last day walking around London together. Meike did a bit of holiday shopping and then we went to this used music store we had been told about.

It. Was. Amazing. I got to dig through these boxes of flute music and ended up with three duet books.

We continued on to look for dinner. I think I scared Meike at one point because I screamed “Moomins” and ran up into this store:

I refrained from buying anything but it was still fun to look around for a bit… Meike just waited outside for me, she’s clearly had a deprived childhood.  At the end of the night, Meike had to run off to her concert and left me in Waterloo station with this brass band:


It was a quick trip but it was nice to get out after finishing my finals and it was a relaxing way to say goodbye (for now) to the crazy city of London.

Until next time!


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