On Monday I went over to Cardiff to see my flatmate from RHUL and explore the city. As expected, it was quite rainy all day. She was used to it and I brought my rain coat so we powered through the weather and went to see the Cardiff castle. It was the one tourist thing I was willing to pay for since it was a self guided tour through the entire castle and the restored Victorian house.

I think we went a bit backwards because the first part of the castle we went through was set up to show how it was used as an air raid shelter during WWII. There were old posters along the walls and a loud speaker that played the shelter warning message.

Moving on, we learned about how the castle was thought to be a certain age but when a Roman style wall was uncovered the age of the castle was pushed back by 1000 years.

We got to go up into the main castle and learn about how the rooms would have been decorated for the people living there. IMG_8008.jpg

One of the funny things was the toilet that was just a hole in the rock that opened up to the yard below:


After seeing the castle, we went over to the restored Victorian house that was built on the same grounds. This is me with the house in the distance:


The house was used as a music and drama school for a few years after the family sold it but then it was decided that it should be restored and used as a museum. These photos are of the main hall decorated for Christmas, a bookshelf in the library, and the chimneypiece in the library.

My friend and I spent the rest of the day enjoying the city. We got lunch together at a little vegan/vegetarian shop that she takes all her friends to. We also went to this amazing 3 story used book shop but I had to control myself since I’ve already bought more than a few used books while here.

It was sad to say goodbye to my flatmate yet again but now I have the perfect reason to go visit Wales again!


Bonus Picture!!!

John Batchelor with a seagull on his head!



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