Oxford (aka Hogwarts)

On Tuesday my friend and I went out to Oxfordshire and she showed me all around the town and the university campus.

The first stop we made was to climb the tower that overlooks the campus. Unfortunately, the student discounts in the town were only for students of Oxford… and we are not that fancy. This was the view!

Okay, be prepared for Hogwarts photos. Our next stop was the dining hall and the surrounding area, all of which was used in the first two Harry Potter films before they built the film studio.

I had quite a lot of fun geeking out about being at ‘Hogwarts.’

The other interesting fiction-related thing about this place is all the Alice in Wonderland history. In the great hall, one of the stained glass windows had some of the characters throughout (they were quite small so the photo’s are very zoomed in).

We continued around the town and had lunch at a little cafe that was also decorated with Alice in Wonderland art. Then we stopped by the Turf Tavern, which is the famous pub in Oxford and a well known stop for students and faculty of the university.


They had a little list of the notable people who have been through their doors.


We didn’t stop there! We continued on to the University museum and the Pitt Rivers collection. There were just so. many. things. My photos were mostly of the music sections. There was a huge collection of flutes, a ukulele, and a leather violin:


Bonus Picture!!!

It was a successful adventure! Before heading back to Swindon we stopped by a music shop and there were quite a few funny musical items.





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